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Wesleyanism in Angarrack

In July 1743 Charles Wesley (18 December 1707 – 29 March 1788) made his first visit to Cornwall to meet the members of the Religious Society which had been formed at St Ives.

From that town he travelled to Gwennap on his return journey by way of the old highway through Angarrack. As he rode down the hill into the village on Sunday 7th August 1743 he saw before him a gathering of people and stopped to address them.

In his journal Charles Wesley wrote of this event "At eight I preached faith in Christ to many listening souls in Velling-Varine (Mellenvrane). They received the word with surprising readiness. Their tears and hearty expressions of love convince me that there is a work begun in their hearts".

We do not know how soon after Charles Wesley's first visit in 1743 a Society was established in Angarrack but it is on record that there was one in 1779 as part of the Redruth Circuit.  The old Chapel was built in 1834 before being outgrown and replaced by Angarrack Chapel.


[thanks to The Village of Angarrack Cornwall A pictorial view past and present by Dawn Guiver]