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Angarrack Screen Webcam
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The Environment Agency have installed a webcam overlooking Angarrack Trash Screen. This camera monitors the water level, and build-up of debris over the trash screen. For more information on the Environment Agency please visit or to email us regarding this web page please contact

Cam 1: Shows the state of the Trash screen.
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Note: This information is intended to be used as a guide to water levels at Angarrack. Technical difficulties and downtime may result in occasional inaccurate images and readings. The Environment Agency takes no responsibility for the interpretation and usage of this information by the public.


20th March 18 - screencam broken waiting part..

The EA tells us "with our Telemetry team to be repaired, and they say its in progress awaiting a part, but to re-assure you the high water level telemetry and alarms are all functioning normally and being monitored"

January 2018

Highest levels seen - possibly ever?

January 15 2018 Angarrack River Level


3 Jan 2016 09:30 peaked - photo at 10am

30 peaked - photo at 10am

Festive period 2015-16 | Angarrack Gauge

Festive period 2015-16 | Angarrack Gauge

December 2015 Angarrack gauge levels

December 2015 Angarrack gauge

Bit more rain levels

Angarrack levels Sat 7 Nov 2015

Heavy rain overnight, stream level risen quite a bit, quite a lot of weed in river

Angarrack gauge 151107

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Angarrack Defibrillator

Apr 25 , 2018 - Wed - 7:30 pm

Come to a meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at the community centre where we can work together to benefit the village.

We would like to be able to raise enough money to provide at least one Defibrillator for the village that will be placed in a location taht gives us all access 24/7.  The costs are just over £1500 for each including a weather-proof box to sit on the outside of a building.


Have your say


Please come along with your ideas of how we can rais ethe money and were you would like to see them placed.

Spring Fun Day

Apr 7 , 2018 - Sat - 3:00 pm

Save the date... Angarrack are planning a village fun day with things to do, prizes and surprises!

All very welcome!

Sea King Mk7 A 'Farewell Flypast' after almost 50 years of service

Sep 19 , 2018 - Wed - 11:07 am

After almost 50 years of service, the last Sea Kings flying in the UK, are retiring

Sea King Mk7

A 'Farewell Flypast' by this historic aircraft and where in the region you will get to see it

Don’t forget to take your lunch outside tomorrow and turn your eyes to the sky.

On WEDNESDAY 19th SEPTEMBER, 849 Naval Air Squadron will fly their Sea King Mk7 helicopters on a ‘Farewell Tour’ of Devon and Cornwall - the last flying UK military Sea King helicopters.

The aircraft will leave RNAS Culdrose at 1100 and land back in Helston three hours later. A map with approximate timings is below.

We are really looking forward to seeing your pictures and videos. Please share them to this page if you can!  read more »

(this is image as posted, can't find a better one)

Flying Scotsman and Mayflower Steam trains over Angarrack Saturday 6th about 10:45....

Oct 6 , 2018 - Sat - 10:30 am

Steam trains over Angarrack about 10:45 am

Leaving from Plymouth our train is hauled by 60103 Flying Scotsman over the Tamar Bridge then through Cornwall to Penzance. After a break in Penzance, of approximately 2 hours we return diesel hauled to Plymouth.This trip will be diesel hauled on the return journey.

Estimated Timings Outward Return
Plymouth 0900 1500
Penzance 1100 1300

   read more »

Flying Scotsman and Mayflower Steam trains