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Rights of way around Angarrack

  • Path No. 101/20 Map Reference: SW592378
    FP from Gwinear via Trungle to Parish Boundary at Angarrack
    CC Priority GOLD           0.66 miles.
  • Path No. 101/28 Map Reference: SW589379
    FP from Trungle Farm to Mellanoweth Farm and Parish Boundary
    CC Priority BRONZE         0.06 miles.
  • Path No. 102/35 Map Reference: SW584381
    BW from Old Mill, Angarrack to Parish Boundary (known as Riverside)
    CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.34 miles. Byway also UC Road Important connection
  • Path No. 102/36 Map Reference: SW589381
    FP from Angarrack to Parish Boundary and Gwinear-Gwithian FP 56
    CC Priority GOLD           0.29 miles.
  • Path No. 102/42 Map Reference: SW585381
    FP from Riverside  (BW 35) to Back Lane
    CC Priority GOLD           0.06 miles.
  • Path No. 101/56 Map Reference: SW593382
    FP from FP 55 north of Polkinghorne to Cold Harbour and Hayle FP 36 at Parish Boundary
    CC Priority GOLD           0.30 miles.
  • Path No. 101/65 Map Reference: SW589386
    BR from Angarrack Lane to a point north of Angarrack Lane at Parish Boundary, and joins Hayle BR 47
    CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.03 miles. Through Bridleway, section of 102/47

Angarrack Rights of Way

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