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170719 | PA17/06782 | Erection of a new dwelling and detached garage. - Land NW Of 5 Grist Lane Angarrack Cornwall


Erection of a new dwelling. Previously planning application numbers PA13/00608 and PA16/06298 were passed for this site. New application is for exactly the same site size, location etc, but the dwelling appearance, layout etc have been amended

Foul sewerage -

Three new connection chambers to be placed within the site which will then connect into the mains system in the adjoining road. See 1991.C.200 sheet 3 of 3 for further information.

Applicant: Mr & Mrs R and A Johns  read more »

131028 | Cranford Developments re Grist Lane Planning

The information in the article 131026 | Angarrack homes 'would breach buffer zone' | This is Cornwall appeared at odds with the presentation on Hayle Shopping Park given by Cranford, so I wrote and asked them if they could clarify. Here is their reply:

At 10:19 28/10/2013, wrote:  read more »

PA13/01136/PREAPP Grist Lane June 2013 | Planning Proposal

5 Grist Lane plans

Hayle Town Council have been approached about a planning application for Grist Lane. 

If anyone has any comments on these plans (please note this is a preapplication proposal) they are invited to contact
   Brian Capper
   Sweetlarks, 25 Riverside, Angarrack, Hayle, TR27 5JD
   01736 753838
   Mobile: 07753 814999

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