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Free car parking | ASDA South Quay Hayle


  • Looks like a thread about ASDA and parking may have got a bit heated and been removed.

    In ASDA's planning application they asked to be able to limit free parking to two hours, but it was decided that it should be THREE hours to allow users time to visit the other businesses in the area. The three hours was set in their planning permission.

    Asda themselves offered unlimited free parking, but underestimated how well the store would perform.

    Right from the start they had more customers than expected and at Whitsun week the car park was full at times with potential customers driving away.

    The local manager has applied to his bosses to withdraw the unlimited free parking and revert to TWO hours free parking, to make the most of their busy periods.

    The free Three Hours though was set as a planning condition, and they would need a planning application to get it reduced to two. It is highly unlikely that it will be granted permission and so will probably stay at three hours.

    Apparently ASDA made a promise about parking for fishing boat owners, so they need to work with boat owners and Harbourmaster to come up with a permit scheme or similar.

  • Adam Collier I didn't remove it, was keeping an eye on it as it was getting heated but it didn't seem to be getting nasty at all, overall healthy debate, I did get the impression the original poster was hoping for more solid support on their side though, possibly why they took it down.
  • David W Raymer I thought that it was agreed that free parking was going to be unlimited . I can see why the manager Steve would not want his car park full of none customers . Three hours free is a good compromise . A system for the fishermen should be instigated .
  • Graham Coad Dave the unlimited free parking was an unasked for and unexpected move from ASDA, never part of any formal agreement or planning.
  • David W Raymer Thanks Graham , but I think the public perception was that it was something that had been agreed by ASDA with various bodies . If it was not then an offer by the store to gain support from the Town .
  • Graham Coad No, completely out of the blue, after planning had been granted, and around opening time if I remember accurately.
  • David W Raymer I was aware it was after planning had been approved . I did not hear of any mention of limited car parking at the time. It would only be normal to be expected.
  • Tan Glassy Grey How are they going to police it? It is very generous of them, but I suspect even if they didn't offer people would park there to walk around the pool or go fishing.
  • Tracey Harrison I posted the first comment and I removed it , it wasn't getting to heated but felt it was going to by one comment so I deleted it because I didn't want it to turn into an argument..and it doesn't matter what you say we all have our own opinions so it was going nowhere..
  • Sharon Johnson I expect they will install the same system that they have in most big supermarket car parks --- cameras .
  • Graham Coad Asda already have a full time car park and trolley guy (S). Just give him a book of tickets.
  • Kingy Quick Come off it Graham that won't work poor chap(s) got enough to do for there little pay . Something like Tesco in Truro or at the hospital might be best. Permits were needed maybe ? No disrespect meant.
  • Graham Coad Anyone know what they do at other Asdas?
  • Sharon Johnson Asda in Penryn didnt have limited parking the last time I went, mind you it is at the beginning of an industrial estate so not a lot of other small shops or attractions around...
  • Keith Letchford Is the car park going to still be open to non-customers or will you have to be a shopper?
  • Graham Coad Non customers and customers.
  • Deborah Leth My dad works at asda up north as a trolley collector, there is no way he could give out tickets for parking as well it just would not work, a ticket on the entrance system might work.
  • Stephen CWLL This all sounds fair enough and exactly what I remembered Graham saying months ago smile emoticon
  • Tracey Harrison Maybe they just restrict parking for summer months when it's going to be busy..but at end of day they will do what they want

  • Graham Coad Not quite Tracey, the 'unlimited parking' was a "freebie" ASDA offered after getting their planning permission, it was never a condition of planning or similar.

    They are actually bound to a "free parking for 3 hours" condition on their planning permis
    sion, if they ever want to change this they would have to submit a planning application, which would almost certainly be refused, as it was always meant to allow shoppers at ASDA time to visit other businesses in Foundry.
  • Charlie Jenkin think its patrolled by one of those car park companys says the name of them on a sign at hayle asda. Not sure of the company name they were there one bank holiday.
  • Ali Curnow Yes, they were definitly patrolling the car park in the past, possibly Easter???