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Hayle Residents plan to be more involved | Report The Cornishman Thu 2 Sep 2009

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

Residents plan to be more involved

Thursday, September 09, 2009, 12:30

HAYLE residents are planning to become more involved in raising concerns and seeking answers about local issues.

Following their recent annual general meeting, Harry Blakeley, chairman of the Hayle Residents' Association, said@ "The association was responsible for the successful referendum to thwart the proposed over-development of the old Hawkins site and also for convincing the town council to organise the hospital march.

"Now we have decided to become more active again."

 At the meeting in the Hayle Day Care Centre, the problem of regular road flooding in the town was discussed.

Mr Blakeley said he believed the siutation could be resolved if the relevant discharge pipes were unblocked.  A letter has been written to this effect ot both the Environment Agency and to the portfolio holder at County Highways.  

A letter has also been sent to ING expressing concerns about changes in the plans for the Harbour South Quay, relating in particular to the commercial viability of the harbour as a business, plans for a supermarket, traffic problems and the figures published regarding the proposed number of jobs.

Mr Blakeley added: "Like everyone else, we want Hayle Harbour to look pretty but the improvements come at a price and not just financial."

The association was also requested to give the committees, officers and members of the Hayle Area Action Plan 'a chance'.

"This was honoured," said Mr Blakeley.  "But the general feeling from residents was that, even witht he appointment of a town manage, the formation of five 'delivery groups', council officers' involvement and many hours of meetings, nothing much or meaningful has happened."

The association welcomes new members (£5 annual subscription) and membership forms are available from Bigglestones Shop, 28/29 Penpol Terrace, or the secretary, Mr R Mims, 16 Meadowside Close, Hayle, TR27 4JL.


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