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Poll finds residents oppose a South Quay supermarket

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

Poll finds residents oppose a South Quay supermarket

Friday, October 23, 2009, 10:06

MORE than two-thirds of residents are against a town centre supermarket development on Hayle's South Quay, according to a recent survey.

The results were released as Sainsbury's announced that a planning application for an out-of-town store would be submitted 'within two to three weeks'.

The residents' association questionnaire, supported by the town council and based on 270 responses, also revealed that 42% of people do their main shopping in the town.


This contrasts with the 25% of locals said to shop within Hayle, and quoted by harbour developers ING at a recent public exhibition.

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It said that 75% of shoppers leaked out of the town and this was one of the reasons for building a store on South Quay.

ING took the figures from the 2007 Penwith Retail Study, based on a telephone sample of 67 households.

The increased in-town shopping is said by the residents' association to be as a result of the arrival of Marks & Spencer, the expansion of Lidl and the refurbishment of the Co-op.

Cllr Bob Amos, one of the driving forces behind the survey, said it was an up-to-date, independent picture which would help inform the decision-making process as planning applications were submitted.

"No study of this nature has been done before and these are the raw, uncorrupted views of the community," he said.

"One of the key things it has flushed out is where people do their shopping and whether there was a mass exodus.

"Half of those who responded had seen ING's plans and a large majority have said a resounding 'no' to the South Quay in favour of Marsh Lane."

A spokesman for ING said it was 'revealing that the results of the survey indicate that a majority of 58% of food shopping is still being undertaken outside Hayle'.


"If the correct classification in planning policy terms of the Marks & Spencer and Lidl stores as out-of-town centres was used, this would substantially change the results to be in line with the earlier research.

"The research quoted in the public exhibition was an independent study by GVA Grimley and commissioned by the council to inform the preparation of its Local Development Framework and Core Strategy. The sample was selected to be fully representative of the local demographics and did not include any bias.

"Whichever survey is considered however, there is powerful justification in terms of planning, economics and sustainability for locating a food store in Hayle town centre and we're pleased that south quay was highlighted as by far the most popular location in comparison to alternatives."

The survey was left in pubs, cafes, businesses, the post office and town library. Business respondents made up 6% of the replies, with 77% from residents of TR27 and the remaining 6% from other TR postcodes.

An internet poll was conducted by The Cornishman which asked which of the 'big four' supermarkets shoppers would like to see in the town.

Half of the 232 respondents said they wanted Asda compared to 18% for Sainsbury's with Tesco and Morrisons trailing with 5% and 4% respectively. The second highest number was registered for 'none of the above' with 23%.

Asda spokesman Chris Marlowe said plans for a scheme at Hayle's rugby club would be unveiled in the coming weeks, adding that the company was 'not too far behind' its rivals.

Sainsbury's told the town council and the chamber of commerce, in two separate meetings on Monday, that a planning application for a 32,000sq ft store and 366-space car park was due within three weeks.


Company consultant, Jenny Lockyer said the store and car park had moved 30m to the east out of the flood plain and away from a badger sett.

"The improvements also include a managed wetlands area and a boardwalk running from Grist Lane in Angarrack to the rear of the store and onwards to the West Cornwall Retail Park," she added.

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