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000701 | Hayle Mills - With medieval origins, milling was one of the major industries in Hayle from the early 19th century. It d

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With medieval origins, milling was one of the major industries in Hayle from the early 19th century. It developed at first as a sideline, with the big industrial concerns needing to supply their own horses and men with feed. It expanded into a major commercial concern, with flour production and export, baking and retailing all becoming more important throughout the 19th century and well into the mid 20th century. Large grist mills were part of Harvey’s business from the 1780s; sited by the Millpond, they were extended 1878-9; milling ceased in the 1890s, when a mint humbug factory took over part of the building.

In 1842, the Cornish Copper Company built the tidal mill (Paddy’s Mill) at Copperhouse, which continued in use until 1930, then being run by Hosken, Trevithick and Polkinghorne, who traded as HTP. This was the successor firm (from 1890) to J H Trevithick, formerly part of the Harvey’s group, and William Hosken and Sons of Loggans’ Mill. Loggans Mill was their main base in Hayle. First recorded in 1688, it was rebuilt along modern lines following a fire in 1852, and again reorganised in 1884. HTP had other premises around Hayle, and in 1913 owned a large farm, 50 horses, 3 traction engines, lorries and steamers, were still bringing wheat to Copperhouse wharf for the mills, and were also the largest wholesale grocers west of Bristol. HTP removed all their operations from Hayle in about 1930.

Hayle Historic Assessment, Cahill N, July 2000

Hayle - Foundry Grist Mill - This was one of three town mills operated by John Harvey Trevithick. It was partially demolished in 1941. Opposite the mill site is Tremeadow Terrace, formerly Mill Row. [Scheduled Ancient Monument] HAYLE TOWNSCAPE

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