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101223 | Sainsbury's offers nature reserve to Angarrack

Letter from Sainsbury's 23 December 2010

Ownership of 26 acre nature reserve offered to Angarrack

Further to our information days in October I am writing to update you on additional improvements to Sainsbury's proposal for a new store and nature reserve for Hayle.

We have received many positive comments about the opportunities that Sainsbury's and a managed conservation area would bring to the area - almost 80% of those who attende the information days support the proposals. However, some Angarrack residents have concerns about the development, including the potential for future development along Marsh Lane.

In response, if the development goes ahead, Sainsbury's would be pleased to offer ownership of the 26-acre nature reserve to Angarrack residents placing control of the land in the hands of the village and I would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain how the nature reserve would be transferred to residents' ownership.

The freehold of the site would be given to a charitable Trust made up of an elected body of Angarrack residents and, for example, Hayle Town Councillors that represent Angarrack. These trustees would take ownership of the land for the village as a whole. This model of ownership is used for village and church halls and also youth centres.

Sainsbury's would work with local councillors and the community to organise the election, as well as say the legal costs associated with setting up the Trust. We would also provide a sum of money for the future maintenance of the land including any costs associated with a local conservation group, such as Cornwall Birding, managing the nature reserve.

As outlined in our proposals, Sainsbury's is committed to cleaning up the lorry park and undertaking the works required to create the nature reserve. The re-routing of overhead lines underground, to remove any threat to large wading birds, is one example of the measures we are proposing. All these works would take place prior to the transfer of ownership.

I hope that you will agree with me that this is a wonderful opportunity to give the village control of the 26-acre nature reserve and guarantee that the land is protected from development. It may also be possible for a small piece of this land closest to the village to be used for Angarrack functions, including the display of Christmas lights.

Before going any further, Sainsbury's would like to know whether this is of interest to Angarrack residents. If you would like the village to own the nature reserve or you are interested registering initial interest in becoming a trustee, please contact Sainsbury's community relations team.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Ben Littman

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