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150224 | Clarification Neighbourhood Plan/Cornwall Local Plans

Further to Hayle Town Council's resolution to ask that Cranford's site on Marsh Lane be included for industrial or retail allocation questions were raised as to the status of the plans.

At a Hayle Council meeting on the 19th February, an Angarrack resident requested from the Council information and clarification of the resolution in the draft minutes for the meeting of the 5th February regarding the request for Marsh Lane and the Rugby Club land to be allocated for potential industrial and retail development.  He wanted to know if this was in the Neighbourhood Plan and if its inclusion would lead to automatic development due to compliance with the Neighbourhood/Cornwall Local Plans.  The resident was informed that the Neighbourhood Plan for Hayle had two more stages to go before completion and that even if included on the Cornwall Local Plan map, any permission for development would not be automatic.

He asked for further clarification via e-mail to Hayle Council and was given the following information:

The Neighbourhood Plan is not completed yet – they (the Council) are due to go out to the second round of public consultation on it shortly and so there will be more opportunities for the public to get involved.  The Cornwall Local Plan has been finalised and been 'sent off' to the Secretary of State for examination, following one final round of consultation a few weeks ago.  As far as the Town Clerk understood it, there would be no more chances to feed into the Local Plan, although they (Hayle Council) are still in negotiation with Cornwall Council regarding site allocations for potential development.

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