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160711 | Survey - Hayle Library Consultation via Facebook


Cornwall Council has a statutory duty under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 ‘to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons in the area that want to make use of it'.

It must deliver a modern and efficient library service that meets the requirements of the community within available resources. Cornwall Council also has a statutory duty to deliver a balanced budget at the same time as government support grants are being cut.

Every service provided by Cornwall Council has been reviewed to find savings and the result is that funding for the library service is being cut and the number of libraries in Cornwall will be reduced. Hayle Library will likely be one of these unless Hayle Town Council takes responsibility for the funding to keep it going.

This survey wants to know your views on the library service and how much you are prepared to pay to keep it going.

Don't forget that the Hayle Library serves a number of functions including access to information, One Stop Shop, Tourist Information Centre, computer access, reading/writing groups, children's activities and many more.



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Graham Coad
Graham Coad Hayle Library is at RISK!!

Please complete the short survey.

Ricky Owen
Ricky Owen Shared and completed,will be a sad day if it closed??
David W Raymer
David W Raymer Shared as well . It needs to go right across all Hayle sites .
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins i oppose that motion to rid of Hayle Library !!! Jeez its like everyones tryin to stampout Hayle and build a new town with disregard to long time history, long time people of Hayle....with ancestors and history..ppl seem to be taking that away !!
Helen Riches
Helen Riches Shared & completed. It would be devastating to the town to lose such a valuable resource.
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins i completed the survey...however..not prepared to pay money to keep the place when my council tax is meant to do that already !!
David W Raymer
David W Raymer I understand your point but everything costs, each of us if we want to retain something we cherish we need to understand that without an increase in the local tax we are likely to lose these services . There are not the philanthropists around as when ...See more
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins we dont need an increase in local tax,,,we need an increase in more central government funding and wiser spending of local council and parish spending ... how does a a politician in Westminster decide how a town in Hayle gets its money spent?? when they live in Wiitshiire etc ?? its shoved to local Coumcil and they make a bad job it !!
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I agree. Cornwall Council has made a wrong decision (in my view) affecting all the libraries in Cornwall, but we need to see IF Hayle Council tax payers are willing to take it on before committing Hayle Town Council either way.
(Its probably the price of one beer in a pub, each month.)
Steve Leverton
Steve Leverton Perhaps controversial but shouldn't those who use the service pay an increase rather than a blanket increase to all taxpayers?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Steve, what makes the library so useful is that it is free for the many people in Hayle who are not well off, can't afford E-book readers, computers and smartphones etc. in a world where so much needs to be online.
These are the people who can least afford to pay.
Helen Riches
Helen Riches I don't use the day centre but I am happy to support those who do. Same with the swimming pool. The library is a community resource & we are a community, not disparate individuals surely?
Steve Leverton
Steve Leverton Fair point. Just exploring the option... If one never has and never intended on using a library then why should one be expected to pay. But apply the same to emergency services and so on and I see the flaw in my point.
Sarah Brian Johns
Sarah Brian Johns Public libraries are a key factor in social mobility and education opportunities for some of the least advantaged in society. That may not be you, it's not me, but once the the bottom rung of support goes, it's the next, and the next. Then all of a sudden it is us.
Steve Leverton
Steve Leverton Very true Sarah - obvious really, but hadn't looked at it that way. Thanks.
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins I dont use the library fact hardly ever..but I'd like it to remain for those who do use it... kids books are a good start !! history....its a pleasure thats there when u need or want it...same as hayle swimming pool...i dont use it but if one day i decided i wanna go its there...i dont go to pubs much so for the price of a beer i'd happily pay to keep these amenities in Hayle cos I don't want to see them fall foul of more housing development...I dont use emergency services but am willing to pay for when I might need to
Thomas Odgers
Thomas Odgers They can't close Hayle Library it would be awful, Me and many people use it all the time.
Derek Rule
Derek Rule May I ask if there is set down in any one easily accessible place a list of and the cost of any perks given to council staff and councillors? I was given to undertand that refreshments were provided to councillors while they were debating what to close next (pay to have your bins emptied more than once a month maybe?). Why, and how much, and authorised by whom?
I live in Canon's Town, so don't pay the Hayle element of council tax, but I would like to know exactly what I am now paying for. I live in a road which is so potholed that it almost shakes the car to pieces. CCC refuse to maintain it but we don't get a rebate on our tax to help us contribute towards the ad hoc fund that we pay for road repairs.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Off topic here Derek, this group is all about Hayle.

You need to contact your Cornwall Councillor,

Derek Rule
Derek Rule Sorry Graham - this whole topic was initiated as a result of the County Council's proposal to close the library in Hayle (which happens to be the nearest one to me). I think my questions as to how my money is being spent by the council are entirely re...See more
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish There's a nice leaflet with council tax bill to show where money goes. Mind you. Could do with being broken down even more.
David W Raymer
David W Raymer I feel if any one uses the library then they have a right to make a comment on this subject where ever they may live . Yes they may not be in the Hayle Parish but this is their nearest one stop shop and library .
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Yes David, but the gentleman was raising issues about councillors refreshments and potholes in his road at Canonstown, NOT the Hayle Library. I have referred him to the proper channels.
David W Raymer
David W Raymer I agree on that point I think he is reffering to Heather Lane which is un adopted and maintained by the residents .
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish I've not used it for 30 years but it's undoubtedly valuable resource for the community.
John Smith
Lisa White
Graham Coad
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Then LIKE and SHARE....
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish I've done it!


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