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171207 | To note email correspondence regarding closure of Hayle branch of Barclays | Hayle Town Council minutes

To note the email correspondence regarding the closure of the Hayle branch of Barclays Bank and to consider if any action is necessary

The clerk reported that she  had  met Barclays ’ representatives  for Cornwall and Devon and th at the  closure of the Hayle branch would not be reconsidered ; there would be no redundancies as all staff  had been redeployed in other branches.   Closure was due to  costs and  the rapid reduction of  footfall  at the branch;  90% of  services at the branch would be offered by  the Post Office , which would  contribute  to  preserving  the  post  office  branch  in  the  town .    Barclays  would  be  arranging appointments with vulnerable p eople to show them how to access online banking ; all customers  had  been  informed  of  the  closure  and no  written  complaints had  been  received . The Barclays’  representatives had  agreed to send literature to the  town council  office , which c ould be handed out  to  members of the public, and had offered HTC  free collection of cash from  the  swimming pool.  

It was clarified that the building was leased by Barclays and it was not known if the owners had  plans for its future.

Councillors were keen to try to ensure that at least one bank had a branch in the town and it was suggested that  the town council move its account to Lloyds Bank, although it was also noted that  its  branch might close or , alternatively, having the town cou ncil’s account might assist its  retention in the town.

It was resolved to note the closure of the Hayle branch of Barclays Bank ;  to  write to Lloyds to  ask  for  reassurance  that  they  will  retain  a  branch  in  Hayle;  and  to  explore  moving  the  town  council’s b ank account  to Lloyds as point of principle.