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Last night in a packed Assembly Room Hayle Town Council voted to support the Cranford Devel | Hayle development discussion group


Last night in a packed Assembly Room Hayle Town Council voted to support the Cranford Development plans on the marsh at Marsh Lane, Angarrack.

This as well as the existing Retail Park, together with the deferred Hayle Rugby Club site will create a Retail Trading Area larger than the town centre of Penzance, the same size as the whole of Camborne and Falmouth town centres and two thirds the size of Truro town centre.

The plans will be decided soon at Truro County Hall by the Cornwall Council Strategic planning committee.

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Steve Kingstone
Steve Kingstone Here's a view that will no doubt be completely unpopular as it is totally unpalatable, but just may be reality. Is the day of the traditional town centre now a thing of the past? Retail units in the town centres are too small for the larger retailers, who actually want to be next door to their competitors as it brings in a massive if customers, for years if Ivery wanted to buy some clothes, I've Had 3 choices - go to truro, go to marsh lane or buy it online (I live in Camborne ). Town centre opening hours don't fit around people's lifestyles any more, car parking is ridiculous and they don't have the right shops for day to day life, town entries are becoming the location for niche specialist shopping. Just a view, so don't shoot me for it.......
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Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington As long as the development is sensitive to the marshland and nature/ecosystem and they do things to alleviate the traffic situation at the roundabout it can only be a good thing for the area??
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John Durham
John Durham If it creates jobs then I'd like to see it happen but...
As long as it doesn't cause traffic problems for Angarrack village. Infrastructure is a key point! Maybe traffic lights on the roundabout would help or a slip road out of the rugby club for westbound traffic. (Pz). Jobs are good though!
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Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington
It looks good,nothing about traffic improvements on here though.
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Ken Townend
Ken Townend All for it. With proper infrastructure implemented first.
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David W Raymer
David W Raymer Hayle will be part of Connor Downs in No time , Angarrack will be swamped !!!!!
Gill Baron
Gill Baron New jobs, more choice for shoppers, free parking - perfect. But the A30 access needs attention now.
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Ben Allan
Ben Allan The smart move is to develop the rugby club land, leaving the marshland alone. Relocating and building the rugby club into a modern facility with 3G pitches for a variety of sports that will be available to the whole community. In a time where investment in health and sports is rapidly declining,this is a perfect opportunity to create a facility that encourages youngsters to put down their computer device, get healthy and involved in community sports.
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Craig Tonkin
Craig Tonkin It strikes me that all the people in favour of the Cranford proposal are in favour of A development not necessarily the Cranford one.
Considering that there is an alternative proposal for a retail park on the Rugby club site which would provide Hayle
with a new sports facility, would be built on a brown field site not a greenfield site and would not be built on a flood plain , why would you support the Cranford site ?
It's not Cranford or nothing ! It's Cranford or Walker !
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Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington If only Cranford had just bought the rugby club! Totally agree with you about the rugby club being the better proposal-why was the walker development sent back and do you know who are the shops that are involved?
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Julian Phillips
Julian Phillips A shame - I would rather have seen the Rugby club developed and support their move to a new venue. Keep the marshland as a wetland habitat and keep villages of Angarrack and Connor separate. I don't believe that there is any need for that many new shops - all the big chains just try to outdo each other like the 3 supermarkets in Penzance - they are more interested in market share and extracting profit from the County than local communities.
I except town centres are on the decline, however I feel sorry for central Hayle now.
On the subject of the traffic - large roundabouts don't work anymore on major road intersections - traffic lights or not - the only way to deal with it is a flyover.
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Steve Kingstone
Steve Kingstone If one of the developments is high enough quality, that will create a demand for the second development. The question is, does Hayle wdnt to have a shopping destination on its gateway?
Gail Willis
Gail Willis Hayle will become as congested as the road into Truro, if not worse. It is bad enough now with 1, relatively small, retail park. Traffic will not be able to get beyond the roundabout into Hayle or beyond to Penzance or St Ives. And what is the point of having a wonderful new ambulance/police/fire station if the emergency vehicles can not access the A30 and beyond because the roads are blocked? This development is in the wrong place. Jobs will follow wherever the retail park is built. It’s difficult to solve problems once you have built it, no amount of money or sweeteners that have been offered will undo the damage this will cause.
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner HTC are only interested in raising money by rates precepts..They have no concern for flooding and pollution issues which effect local beaches nor are they concerned about the towns retail decline,traffic congestion or its people.
Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington As Julian said,a flyover is the only real way to get rid of the roundabout problem but they could of done with one of those up at chivvy years ago so doubt that will ever least Camborne got their new £30 million road to get them to heartlands and tesco extra quicker??