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1806 | Hayle Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West | Draft Recommendations | Cornwall | LGBCE Site

New electoral arrangements for Cornwall Council

Draft recommendations June 2018

 Appendix 1


 Gwinear-Gwithian and Hayle

Division name Number of Cllrs Variance 2023
Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East 1 5%
Hayle West 1 4%

Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West

55 During the consultation on division patterns for Cornwall, we received 23
submissions regarding this area, in addition to the two full schemes received. The
Conservatives supported the divisions put forward by the Council. Nineteen of these
submissions, including a detailed submission from Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council,
objected to any proposal that would split the parish of Gwinear-Gwithian, and in
particular the Connor Downs area, between divisions, stating that the more rural
areas to the east and south-east of Hayle were not only separate from Hayle but also
connected to each other. The submissions stated that the parish has not only an
active Parish Council, but numerous and active community groups that participate in
projects across the parish. The Parish Council also has a Neighbourhood
Development Plan covering the parish area. The Parish Council’s submission was
supported by the MP for the area. The divisions proposed for this area by the
Council retain the entire parish of Gwinear-Gwithian in one division.

56 There are projected to be too many electors in Hayle by 2023 to retain the
whole town in one division, so it is necessary for the parish of Hayle to be contained
within two divisions. Hayle Town Council put forward an alternative pattern of
divisions for this area, using the railway line and the old A30 as the boundary
between their two proposed divisions, that was supported by two local residents and
a councillor. This proposal would split both the parishes of Hayle and GwinearGwithian
across the two divisions. Due to the compelling evidence regarding the
community links within Gwinear-Gwithian parish provided by respondents to the
consultation, we do not consider that splitting this parish between divisions would
accurately reflect community identities in the area. We are therefore not proposing to
adopt Hayle Town Council’s proposed division pattern here. We note that this option
was previously considered by Cornwall Council, but due to significant local objection,
the current option was preferred.

57 The Commission’s proposed divisions in this area are therefore those proposed
by Cornwall Council, with a minor alteration to include the northern side of Fore
Street in the proposed Hayle West division to provide for a stronger boundary. We
consider that the proposed divisions reflect the evidence received about the
community links within Gwinear-Gwithian, whilst also providing for strong boundaries
and good levels of electoral equality. We are proposing to adopt a proposed
Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East division which would have a variance of 5% by
2023, and the proposed Hayle West division that would have a variance of 4% by

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