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180818 | Hayle Town Council concerns for Angarrack

Hayle Town Council has produced a letter for those who wish to object to the draft proposals from CC Boundary Review panel, which currently are being supported by the Government LGBC
(Local Government Boundary Commission).

For Angarrack, HTC believes the impact of the Boundary Commissions proposals would be things like:

Angarrack would be part of a very large Division stretching from Godrevy to Tolroy and from Barripper to the Hayle Estuary.

We believe that this will make representation much more difficult and candidates reluctant to put their names forward.

On the other hand the 'Hayle West' division is a much smaller geographical area. HTC proposal seeks to create two more equal divisions.

Angarrack has been linked to Hayle since the days of the smelting works in the 18th Century.

This link is clearly defined these days as only a few hundred yards of field separates the two conurbations. The Boundary Commission claims that the natural link is with Gwinear Gwithian Parish - this is simply not true, geographically, socially or economically.

There is a great danger that the Parishes would be redrawn placing Angarrack within Gwinear Gwithian Parish with less services, poorer provision and less dynamic representation. Hayle Town Council can muster greater resources for the people of Angarrack and has supported the village in several ways in the past, including :

Financial support for the Community Centre, Christmas Lights, Jubilee committee.
New/refurbished seats and litter bin.
Village noticeboard.
Putting pressure on EA and CC regarding flooding issues and supporting the Angarrack Flood plan.
Hayle Neighbourhood Plan supports the protection of the village from overdevelopment and being absorbed into Hayle Town area.

Please feel free to publicise this on your website. Full details and maps of the proposals are on CC and HTC websites.

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