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Spotted in Hayle Pump 1 April 2021

Phillack Cemetery Access Project

as told by Trevor Smitheram

All this came about because when I was up tending to my brother’s grave, and speaking to quite a few people it seems elderly people were really afraid of going up to the top cemetery because of the difficulty of coming down, and I am led to believe people have fallen down into the bushes. So I contacted the vicar of Phillack and offered to put a handrail up there
approx. 53 feet long (at no cost to the church,) Permission was given , so I went back up to the top, dug a few trial holes, and measured up what I felt was required.

My first part was to try and raise some money, and the Hayle Pump was so very generous with a donation .Next S.J. Andrews of Redruth gave us discount because of the amount of piping and fixings required, Jewsons supported us as well with postcrete, and finally Philps supplied the pasties.
Two of our team took a day off from work to help for which we are truly grateful, there was myself,
Phil Moyle and Colin Bennett, some local people also contributed so we were able to paint the double gates as well, top and bottom cemeteries and the handrails. It certainly was hard work but enjoyable, and since we have had hundreds of comments of how everyone is delighted with it.
The gentleman on the railings is a Mr Coram of Hayle, the first to use the railings, he said, to quote, that this would have been his last time he was able to climb the bank, and now he has a new lease of life, and will be able to go more often.