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1837 | Angarrack incline - The Hayle Railway

The Hayle Railway evolved over time


The Hayle Railway. Originally ran eastwards to Redruth, and from Redruth Junction north to Portreath and south to Tresavean, again built to profit from the mining industry's need to transport ore for shipping. It opened in stages after December 1837. Steam locomotion was used from the start, giving the route an early advantage over the Redruth and Chacewater line. Cornubia, one of the locomotives later taken over by the West Cornwall Railway in 1846, was built at Copperhouse Foundry in 1838, probably the first engine to be made in Cornwall. Notable features of the line were the steep inclines at Angarrack and Portreath, where wagons were hauled by ropes. Inclines at Penponds and Tresavean worked on a counterbalancing principle. Passengers has sometimes travelled in the open wagons, but the first passenger service between Hayle and Redruth took place on 12th May 1843.


Hayle Railway

Aug 1935. Great Western Railway GWR Centenary

Hayle Railway linked the Camborne and Redruth mining district to the port of Hayle

1834 Opened 1834.

1837 The Portreath branch was constructed, intended to capture the trade of the rich mines in the district north of Carn Brea.

1839 Closed?


Sketch map showing original alignment of Hayle Railway of 1838 and modifications made by West Cornwall Railway in 1852