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1894 September 6 | Two Men Killed At Hayle Dynamite Works


A terrible explosion took place at the dynamite-works on Hayle Towans, not far from the road to Gwithian, about a quarter to nine on Tuesday morning, two men named Perry, of Gwinear, and Samel Craze, of Copperhouse, being blown to pieces. The head and trunk of Craze were found near the scene of the explosion and fragments were found which were too much torn to admit of identification : indeed that was mainly ejected because one man wore a moustache and no beard and the other had a beard. It appears that only one man should have been in the mixing-house and it was shortly after relieving time that the accident occurred. The man who attended the engine which worked the mixing-machine had a lucky escape, as he put his work in order and went a little distance oft for his breakfast. A piece of the axle of the machine which was in the house, weighing about 14 lbs., was found on the Towans at the back of the arsenic works—a distance of half a mile from the explosion.

The managers are very reticent as to the probable cause of the accident and very little will be known until the inquest is held. Supt. Coombe, of Camborne, was at the works soon after eleven in the morning. The force of the explosion was felt for miles around ; several houses at Angarrack and Ventonleague having sustained damage to ceilings and windows. Another account says that two men were engaged in mixing gelignite. James Perry, sen., of Herland, Gwinear, leaves a widow and a large family ( most of whom are grown up, ) and Samuel Craze, of Hayle, leaves a widow and three young children. The quantity of explosive in the house at the time was about 600 lbs. The cause of the accident is unknown. Many of the windows in the danger buildings in the works suffered severely.