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Sluicing and Sluice Gates | June 2015


  • So. Has anyone any idea when the mechanism for the sluice gates will be arriving?

  • Andrew Turner Electrical or mechanical that is the question...or maybe the hand of God.
  • Andrew Turner HAYLE FOUNDRY,
    November 5th, 1829.

    The engine has been worked. The result is ten strokes per minute,
    6-feet stroke, with half a bushel of coal per hour, lifting six thousand
    pounds weight. This was done with water in the cistern round the
    condenser, which water came up to 180 degrees of heat, and remained so.
    The water sides of the condenser covered with this hot water was 50
    surface feet. I tried it to work with the cold air sides, but I found
    that the cold air sides of 120 feet would only work it four strokes per
    minute. I should have worked the steam much higher than 50 lbs. to the
    inch, but being an old boiler I thought it a risk. I am now placing an
    old boiler of 350 feet of cold sides more to the condenser, to give a
    fair trial to condensing with cold sides alone. The steam below the
    piston was about 6 or 7 lbs. to the inch above the atmosphere. The
    force-pump to the boiler was about one-fifth part of the content of the
    cylinder, and the valve close to the boiler lifted when the force-piston
    was down about two-thirds of its stroke, at which time the returned
    steam entered the boiler again. I have no doubt of doing near ten times
    the duty that is now done on board ships, without using salt water in
    the boiler, as at present. Our boiler has been working three days and
    the water has not sunk 1 inch per day. I am quite satisfied the trial
    will be a great success.

    Praed and Sir John St. Aubyn are anxious to get a high bank carried out
    from Chapel Angel to 15 feet below low-water mark on the bar, to make
    Hayle a floating harbour.

    have proposed to make a sand-lifting engine. When I built that engine
    for deepening Woolwich Harbour, we lifted 300 tons per hour through 36
    feet of water, and 20 feet above water, 56 feet above the bottom. This
    was done with two bushels of coal per hour, therefore it will not cost
    above one penny per square fathom to lift the sand over this embankment.
    It is intended to get down Mr. Telford to give his opinion on it. Your
    remarks on it would be of service. I remain, Sir,

    Your humble servant,


  • Andrew Turner Interesting that even in 1829 there were ideas to make Hayle non tidal and clear the sand in the estuary and on the bar.
  • Dawn Harris In other words Andy no!
  • Ken Townend They knew what they were doing in those days, Andrew.
  • Ken Townend Hopefully HTC are chasing this up!!!
  • Ken Townend Cannot understand why it was all purchased at the same time!
  • Graham Coad It's now work for the Hayle Harbour Authority under the new owners.

    biggest problem seems to be The Environment Agency and such like
    quangos who are insisting on a VERY limited sluicing regime accompanied
    by a very expensive monitoring programme, to be paid for BY the harbour

    Meetings to find out more this very week.

  • Ken Townend I thought the cost of the gates and relevant mechanism's was down to the company who built ASDA. Or has that changed?
  • Ken Townend they are still responsible for the Bridge I take it.
  • Graham Coad As
    I understand it the sluice gates, the bridge to the weir and the tunnel
    gates are all done and could be operated by manual means but it is or
    would be very hard physical work. This level of completion was, I think,
    all that was required to return th
    e sluicing systems to "as originally fitted", in an attempt to satisfy the heritage bodies in the planning application.
    modernisation or powered mechanisms were always going to be an optional
    extra to be funded by the Harbour Authority or any other body that
    wished to go farther.

    bridge over Penpol Creek is still the responsibility of Perverill
    Securities who own the central areas of South Quay, and their builders
    Bowmer and Kirkland, and is on course to be built early 2016.

  • Ken Townend Ah, well. Duped again. Was really looking forward to seeing the sluicing In operation again!


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