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140911 | After many decades, Carnsew Pool finally has sluice gates again | Hayle Harbour - Timeline Photos | Facebook


After many decades, Carnsew Pool finally has sluice gates again. Thanks to the efforts of Save Our Sands Hayle, the Hayle Harbour Trust, Ltd, and Cornwall Council and Simon Humphrey at Bowmer and Kirkland, the sluicing mechanism has the ability to be automated. The initial design was for manual operation only, but since each gate could take 30 minutes of hard labour to open, it was likely that the gates would not be used. The hydraulic mechanism will be temporarily operated by something like the hydraulic pump on a tractor, but it is hoped that funds can be raised to allow full, permanent automatic operation.

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  • Kyle Harrison As long as when there not in use they will be open to allow water in and out

  • Keith Kemp But will they be used

  • Hayle Harbour They operate by the incoming tide pushing the gates open and filling the pool. When the tide turns, the outgoing water closes the gates and holds the water in. Three hours after high tide, the four smaller sluice gates are opened and the water rushes out to clear the channel of silt and sand. At low tide the small gates are closed and the cycle will repeat. Sluicing will only occur on the higher tides and some periods in the year will be excluded for ecological purposes. When not sluicing, the gates will be opened to allow free flow of the water.

  • Mark Hutchings What will happen to the existing tunnels please?

  • Kyle Harrison Think there staying mate

  • Graham Coad The tunnels are to be cleared, new mechanisms fitted and also brought into operation, work may start on those in January.

  • Mark Hutchings Proper job.

  • Kyle Harrison As long as the fish stay there aye Mark Hutchings lol

  • Graham Coad Once both sluice channel and tunnels are fully operational a lot more water will come in and out of the pool, and its high tide will be noticeably higher, tidal swirls and currents in the pool will change, so where marine food gets dumped will also cha...See More

  • Sue Carver Will the new gate affect the 'whirlpool' ?

  • Mark Hutchings With the new gates letting the tide in as well, I can't imagine there will be a sufficient differential in height/pressure to ever create one again Sue?

  • Tony Smitheram Great!

  • Kyle Harrison Although dangerous it was amazing to watch shame something sp amazing has to go it could be made safe and used to teach the dangerous off such things , I could think off a few amazing ideas , that would make it not only safe but a science lesson

  • Sue Carver That's a shame Mark. We are all aware of the danger of them but they're fascinating .

  • Graham Coad I cannot remember if the whirlpool years ago when both sluice gates and tunnels were operational.

  • Greg Cording Well done and great work, are there any plans for a hydro turbine or similar that can be used to produce electricity for the national grid offsetting any capital expenditure / operational cost of say electrical operation of the small sluicing gates?


140911 | After many decades, Carnsew Pool finally has sluice gates again | Hayle Harbour - Timeline Photos | Facebook

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