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180829 | Extension of time to 28th September 2018 | RE: Section 106 Unilateral Undertaking PA15/10513



 From:Bainbridge Peter
Sent:29 Aug 2018 13:24:59 +0100
To:'Terry Kemmann-Lane'
Subject:RE: Section 106 Unilateral Undertaking PA15/10513
Hi Terry
I’m happy to agree a further extension of time until the end of September. I’ll
record it on our system as 28
th September.
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From: Terry Kemmann-Lane []
Sent: 29 August 2018 12:00
To: Bainbridge Peter
Subject: Section 106 Unilateral Undertaking PA15/10513
Hello Peter
The period for the determination of this application expires at the end of the month. I
have just emailed Mr Maskell’s solicitor pushing to get the S106 sorted quickly. Can we
agree to extend the decision period until the end of September, if that is not being too
Kind regards
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