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Public Comments (3) | PA17/04181 | Application for the approval of Reserved Matters pursuant to hybrid permission PA12/10064 for

Mr Stephen Murley 24 Tredrea Lane St Erth TR27 6JS (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 06 Feb 2018

Having read the most recent comments from consultees, I'd like to revise my stance from neutral to object.

The whole topic of UNESCO status seems to be totally underappreciated by all planning members.

To have such status is a privilege and known all over the world. It's value can not be measured. To put this all at risk is incomprehensible.

No one is saying have no building here, but UNESCO status should not be put to the test because of a deadline for a planning meeting but instead deferred until full agreement between consultees, UNESCO and the applicant can be reached, whenever that may be.

Planning officers have already risked the wrath of UNESCO status with the ASDA development. It's not worth testing them any further.

Heritage is one of the last few things Hayle has in its favour and is considerably more significant than development that threatens heritage. Once lost, heritage is gone forever.

Comment submitted date: Tue 20 Jun 2017

My only comment regards the height of some of the buildings which I feel should be slightly lower in order to be more sympathetic to residents on Penpol Terrace. Also, part of the joy of walking along Penpol Terrace is the ability to see across the quay and into estuary which will be less possible with these buildings although I realise something has to go on the quay. I like the idea. Just would like to retain some of the view too.

Miss Samantha Dietz 38 Penpol Terrace Hayle TR27 4BQ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 28 Jul 2017

Too high
I put in planning for a tiny 2 bedroom property in my back garden and had to change my plans because 1 Neighbour didn't want 1 window to overlook their property. This whole development will overlook my property, so according to your rules they must change their plans... surely??
Single story only to preserve the beautiful view from Foundry to St Ives... please.

Mr Andrew Turner 77 Trethannas Gardens Praze An Beeble TR14 0LL (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 29 May 2017

In terms of economic activity, it is considered that with further input into the area's basic infrastructure (WHICH SHOULD BE SEEING INVESTMENT FROM THE NEW EXISTING DEVELOPMENTS S106 AGREEMENTS ALREADY IN PLACE) Hayle harbour area is particularly suitable for small business,workshops or specific uses such as Information technology ,photographic, recording ,graphic design and music/media related activities..My objection is to high profile,high cost, developer profit led,Penpol terrace view destroying residential homes on the Hayle Quays and wharfes.

Comment submitted date: Mon 29 May 2017

Much of the Hayles character derives from the size, mass and construction of the older buildings,Viaduct and Quays. Generally these are built in Granite,mixed stone and some scoria block between two and four storys and the buildings have pitched slate roofs; windows are vertically proportioned and simply divided.
Although new buildings are generally to be encouraged, they must relate to the existing context in form, scale and materials. They should be neither diluted nor superficial reflections of historic buildings lacking original vitality. Such blandness makes no positive contribution, but simply devalues the historic character of the conservation area.
The development of an awareness of the history and past quality of the area will be encouraged, as the Council views Hayle as an area of potential for creating prosperity.
Perhaps the most significant action in realising this will be the re-opening of the harbour area to the public.This should open up possibilities for the development of water-based leisure activities and associated commerce, as well as provide a better appreciation of the historic quays in their original context.