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210204 | Hayle harbour development on hold | Next phase of harbour plans deferred by

Hayle harbour development on hold

Next phase of harbour plans deferred

 by Richard Whitehouse, Local Democracy Reporter

The final part of a major harbour redevelopment scheme is on hold after concerns were raised about the impact it would have on a World Heritage Site.

A reserved matters planning application – covering aspects such as design and layout – for the North Quay development at Hayle Harbour went before Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee this morning.

 Aerial view of the plan for Hayle Harbour

The proposals include 375 homes, industrial space, a hotel, sports and leisure facilities and public open space.

Development at the harbour is already underway and outline planning permission has previously been granted for the entire project.

The latest application had originally been recommended for delegated approval, but following a late submission of comments from the World Heritage Site planning officers said it would be better to defer the plans.

The International Council On Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which comments on behalf of UNESCO on World Heritage Sites, had raised concerns about the plans.

It said: “The current proposal needs further refinement to avoid unacceptable impacts on the Outstanding Universal Value of the Hayle Harbour component of the World Heritage property.”

The council added: “ICOMOS considers that the proposal should investigate other areas for harbour activity and avoid expansion at the Eastern Gateway which detracts from the extant natural edge.

“While development is supported at East Quay and Hill Top, the proposal is considered too dominant and detrimental to heritage values. Currently, the proposal forms a barrier to understanding the setting and natural relationships between the components of the World Heritage property.

“ICOMOS is supportive of sensitive development, but it appears that extensive development is continually being proposed within what is a very sensitive World Heritage property.”

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Local Cornwall councillors for the area, John Pollard and Graham Coad, were both supportive of the plans.

Cllr Pollard said: “We are hopefully coming to the end of a long, long saga in the development of the Hayle Harbour area and all I can say is thank goodness for that.”

Hayle Harbour North Quay (Image: Corinthian Homes Group)Hayle Harbour North Quay (Image: Corinthian Homes Group)

He thanked the developer and applicant for listening to concerns which had been raised by local residents and the town council and for incorporating comments and suggestions into the final plans.

And he added: “I am delighted that the preservation of the harbour and investment in its future has happened on my watch.”

CGI of the planned Hayle Harbour developmentCGI of the planned Hayle Harbour development

Cllr Coad agreed with Cllr Pollard and urged the committee to follow the original recommendation and give delegated authority to planning officers to grant approval once the concerns of ICOMOS had been addressed.

However committee chair Mark Kaczmarek recommended that the committee should defer the application as recommended by planning officers. That was seconded by Andrew Long.

The committee voted to defer the application with 12 votes in favour and one against.




Aerial view of Hayle Harbour (Image: James Lawley)
Drone footage reveals what Hayle harbour redevelopment could look like
The Hayle Harbour area where Carillion completed the £16 million North Quay infrastructure project in 2013

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